Challenging: apps and the internet of things

Internet-of-Things-applications, short IoT, are highly relevant for daily business scenarios. Numerous author of a survey by Progress displays challenges in programming such apps.


Around 65 percent of app developers worldwide – an even higher 83 percent in Germany – estimate that IoT-apps, used for manufacturing purposes, can generate real turnover.


Applicating IoT


One of the most important fields within the IoT-apps industry worldwide: smart homes. Source: flickr

The internet of things provides numerous ways and industries for an application. Smart homes e.g. brings possibilities in drastically reducing energy expenses to the home owner. Inteligent thermostates, sensors, real-time forecasts and daily acitivities in and around the house adapt with changing temperatures of the air condition or the heater. Fitness braceletts can track a lot of physical activities. The process as a whole is easily monitored on your smartphone.







Source Header: iStock/Savushkin